Terms of services

Here you will find our terms and conditions for all our web products and services (commontechs.com.au) as we will declare about them in the following.


General Terms

General Rights and Responsibilities:

CommonTechs has the right to suspend or terminate a part or all the services or products offered to our customer whenever it is misused in such an inappropriate way. As well as, we have the right to accept or reject offering products or services without giving any reason or justification.

Any illegal activities which consist of storage, distribution of genuine software of any platform with a copy right such as games. Adding to plagiarism, violation of trademark, the Australian law, or selling illegal products.

CommonTechs has the right to send SMS to their customers whenever they ask for concerning company activities , services and general occasions …etc

Abusive use of the internet connection such as ; (send unwanted emails , distributing a software via Email , sending a messages to a large number of groups (Spam ) , sending vulgar messages  and incitement messages.

Disclaimer: CommonTechs is not responsible for any damages to any customer. Nor make any Guarantees of any kind its services we provide , Using our products and services is only customer responsibility.

CommonTechs does not guarantee that its services will be uninterrupted or error-free.

CommonTechs will do its best to provide security and stability to its servers and to minimize service interruption. Customer shall not be entitled to claim any compensation for inability to use its services, including but not limited to: outage.

Errors resulting from misuse.

Internet connection problems.

Problems with DNS.

Intrusions or sabotage attempts.

Privacy Policy

Violation of Privacy Policy or Service Agreement

Violating of CommonTechs’s Privacy Policy or Service Agreement or reserves, leads to termination of the user’s account without any notice or refund.

If Customer attempts to defame CommonTechs including, but not limited to: (CommonTechs system, servers, reputation, business, services, network, operations or equipment) will be legally accused for it.

The customer is not entitled to defame CommonTechs, its employees or administrators. Instead, he has the right to be directed to the competent authorities in Australian to file his complaint. Noting that, the attempt to defame or calumny in any way gives CommonTechs the full right to cancel the contract and refuse to provide any service.

It is strictly prohibited to resell CommonTechs services without a written permission by CommonTechs’s management, unless the customer is an authorized distributor of us.

In order to protect our customer data and to provide maximum level of security to maintain the confidentiality of these data, the security question has been set and also its answer available in the customer control panel on our website. In order to verify the identity of the customer requests sensitive data, for security breach of your e-mail, or even if you have lost your e-mail for any reason, it is very important that we ask all our valued customers to choose security question and answer that is sufficiently confidential.

Customers are the only responsible for their accounts security, any activities or even communication with CommonTechs using the main account or even any sub account that the customers have.

CommonTechs has the right to cancel customer subscription without any clarification while the remaining amount of the service is refunded.

Fraud :

If any circumvention is taken place by the customer using the client area technology, it is considered as a clear violation of terms and conditions that causes the customer’s account suspension. While such case is wasting the staff’s time for managerial and technical matters, the customer is entitled to pay a fees as a compensation to reactivate his account.

Hosting & Servers

General Obligations and Rights:

CommonTechs undertakes to work on the convenience of the customer and provide the best services with continued developing making any extra effort in order to serve the clients’ hosting or servers.

CommonTechs pledges to keep the customer informed transparently of the hosted servers’ status.

CommonTechs is committed to provide security and stability for servers and network with 99.9% uptime.

CommonTechs promises to keep the customer’s personal data in a strict confidentiality, unless it is officially required by governmental or international authorities. Upon such case, the customer is immediately informed directly upon unless another action is required.

Payment, renewal and cancellation:

The required service is executed after receiving the service charge. In the case of renewal, the service subscription is renewed after receiving the renewal fees. The customer has to check his service renewal invoices before the due date.

If the invoice is not paid, you will receive a message from CommonTechs requesting the payment.

Noting that a reminder is automatically sent at least seven days before the invoice is issued.

In case of non-payment on the last date, the customer’s account will be automatically removed from the server to provide a space for another customer.

CommonTechs will not be responsible for the files or contents of the terminated account in any way.

CommonTechs may retain a copy of the customer’s website for a period of maximum two weeks as a paid service that will be paid if the customer asks for this copy.

In case the customer does not pay the invoice on 26th of the month, the service will be automatically suspended notifying him by e-mail or SMS if he is involved in CommonTechs mobile service. Besides, there is no guarantee for a backup.

The dedicated servers have a unified billing system, all invoices are standardized to start from 26th of each month and end on the 25th of each month.

If the renewal invoice is not paid before or on 25th of each month, the service is automatically suspended in the beginning of the 26th of the month.

So that, in case you do not want to renew your server, you have to request cancelation the service before the 19th of the month.

Renewal invoices will are issued on the 19th of each month. If the invoice is issued, the customer does not have the right to cancel the service and he should renew it.

Prices change, Special offers and Coupons:

If you reserve a hosting plan or service at the official rate, the renewal will be by the same price.

if CommonTechs makes a change in the price of the service, increasing or decreasing. The customer is not entitled to demand a change of the renewal price to comply with the new price except for the new reservations.

Special Offers and Coupons:

CommonTechs has special offers from time to time, that are divided into two parts. Part I is for new customers only and the second part is for existing ones. This means that each offer has its own conditions. Coupons are only usable in new reservations. It is unusable on renewal.

When you subscribe to the service with the benefit of a discount coupon, the discount will be upon subscription only and does not include the renewal.

Contents of websites and servers:

Customer is fully responsible for the content of the website to CommonTechs and the other legal authorities.

Some programs and content are strictly forbidden on our servers and include all hosting services (shared hosting, cloud servers and dedicated servers), including but are not limited to (Mail Bombers / Spam, IRC, Proxy Scripts, Pirated Software / Warez, IP Scanners, Bruteforce Programs, Hacking Software, Cracks / Keygens).

It is prohibited to publish or distribute copyrighted content without the prior permission of the original publisher. If CommonTechs finds that out, we have the right to suspend this website.

It is prohibited to use any unlicensed programs or scripts. If a complaint is filed against a website that uses an unlicensed version of the product ,the website will be suspended, demanding the owner to remove this program or script or asking for an official license from the producer.

Besides, it is prevented to host any website that is related to terrorism, incitement of groups and individuals, profanation of individuals and groups, pornographic or political sites attacking states’ policies in any manner. All of what have mentioned is considered as a breach of the service terms and conditions.

Shared hosting service is made for hosting websites; however, email service is an additional service that is not for commercial use.

Transfer of client’s websites from previous hosting:

CommonTechs provides websites transfer service to clients by switching their hosting from another provider to CommonTechs servers.

The hosting team is committed to providing the best services for transferring client’s data and ensuring the safety and speed of transferring.

Either way, the site transfer service is offered as an additional free service on booking a hosting service from CommonTechs.

CommonTechs is not obliged to provide this service in all transferring cases, as some other service providers do not provide a smooth data transfer, which makes it difficult for the hosting team.

Ensuring the compatibility of the site before the transfer, and the integrity of files and databases after the transfer is the responsibility of the client in the first place.

Noting that you can use the paid website transfer service.

After reserving the hosting service in CommonTechs and bypassing 30 days, the client is not entitled to claim any data to be transferred to CommonTechs servers. However, he is entitled to request a data transfer service as a paid service only once.

The service is freely and continuously offered to dedicated and cloud servers with advanced management. Dedicated and cloud servers with basic management offer only paid service for transferring.

Data loss and backup:

Customer is responsible for keeping a copy of the files on his own website (not on CommonTechs servers), and we are not responsible for any missing files, information or data. CommonTechs provides daily, weekly and monthly backup service (based on the type of the service) which is implemented as fully as possible, but we may have problems out of our hand, such as the in complete backup or the hard drive failure.

So that we are not responsible, so please make sure you have a backup copy of your website. We are doing our best, but sometimes things go wrong!

Hacking and blocking attacks on our servers and vice versa:

It is forbidden to use CommonTechs servers for carrying out attacks or hacking on networks, servers and other websites.

COMMONTECHS has the full right to cancel the customer’s service causing such the act.

CommonTechs reserves the right to defend its customers by taking any necessary action without prior notice or warning.

CommonTechs will not be liable in any paid amounts or refunds if it finds out an attempt to violate or damage the server.

Shared Hosting ServiceMultiple clients’ websites are hosted on shared hosting servers; they all share the resources equally. The shared hosting service is intended to host the websites, their contents and files, and cannot be used for download centers, hosting archiving, backup files or any other content out of the scope of the websites.

CommonTechs has the right to suspend websites that use space for such purposes.

CommonTechs is committed to provide shared hosting servers with the same hardware quality, a stable network, up-to-date server maintenance, instantaneous server monitoring, 24/7 technical support for the hosting service itself.

Noting that CommonTechs is not obliged to provide technical support for the scripts hosted on the shared hosting servers, and if technical support is provided, it is for the clients’ satisfaction and appreciating.

Any attempt of penetration or tampering with the server by one of the accounts on the shared hosting, leads to removing the account without any prior notice to the customer, and the customer is not entitled to claim any refund.

Noting that some files are not allowed to be uploaded, for example, but not limited to (games, songs and download centers).

The use of the account as a space to archive or back up the files is not allowed on shared hosting plans. It is also prohibited to save or keep the control panel backpacks after it is created on your account.

Any account shown to be dedicated to this order will be deleted without reference to the owner and without any rights.

Monthly Traffic:

All shared hosting plans allow you to use unlimited traffic provided that such consumption is not for violation of any of the terms of the Company’s agreement (CommonTechs).

Number of Files:All plans are limited to a number of files. If this number is exceeded, the account is considered as a violation of the agreement.

You have to upgrade to a larger package (a list of the shared hosting plans is available on our website through which you can know the valid files number for each package, as well as, you can figure out your current consumption throughout the control panel using (Inodes Usage feature).

Resource consumption:Each shared hosting plan has a limited number of emails sent by hour that differentiates from one plan to another.

If the usage of any resource exceeds the limit, at the same moment, the website stops for some time until consumption drops below the maximum limit and then the website backs to work. It all happens automatically without any interference from the technical support side. Besides, you can know your current consumption using the Cpanel through Resources Usage feature.

Sending:Each of the shared hosting plans is limited in quantity – different from one plan to another 

This number cannot be exceeded. If it is exceeded, the emails will be entered in a queue and divided to be sent within next hours based on quantity / number.

Informed that email service is included freely in the hosting plans package, as hosting plans are designed primarily to host websites securely. They also provide the applications requirements, and are not intended to host email.

Basically, if you use the email service on your site, you can contact us to inquire about the business email packages.

Upgrade and downgrade:You can always upgrade or reduce your plans whenever you wish. On upgrading, the variance is calculated automatically. The upgrade to the higher plan is tackled with the same the payment cycle. However, on downgrading, the variance is not calculated and the customer is comminted to pay the full amount of the new package. We always advise you to reserve long term packages to guarantee the best price.

back up:CommonTechs provides a backup service (daily, weekly, monthly) via the free external CommonTechsBS service.

Database is backed up every 6 hours while maintaining 12 previous versions, weekly and monthly copy. The site files are copied every 3 days while retaining 6 previous versions.

In any case, the customer is responsible of maintaining his website and saving the periodic backup copies where ever is secured.

Hacking and DDos attacks against our servers and vice versa:

CommonTechs provides a server rental service for purposes related to websites services and hosting.

Customer may also use the server for other technicalities such as Virtualization, Backup or any other techniques and services that are legitimate and do not cause any harm to other parties.

Noting that CommonTechs does not allow dedicated servers to be used for purposes of any harm to other parties by all means. If this is detected by CommonTechs or by other parties’ notifications, CommonTechs will investigate the matter and take the proper action which may be a cancellation of the service provided for the client.

Each server has one IP which is (IPv.4) that is included in the total server price. IPs can be increased to 5 IPs at a monthly rate.

If more than 5 IPs are requested, the client can add 16-32 IPs (as one package) which is a paid service per IP every month. Noting that an application is required to be submitted to the management, and approval takes 72 hours within the working days. Applications are accepted according to the customer’s need of additional IPS.

Each client of dedicated server is completely responsible for the safety and reputation of the IPs and not to make them in doubt due to spamming, intrusion or fraud.

All servers are configured with monthly traffic that is automatically reset on 1st day of each month.

When the server reaches the last available 500 GB-traffic, the customer is contacted for upgrading.

The customer has the right not to upgrade and the website is stopped at 100% consumption.

Informed that the upgrade is at least for one month, and then the traffic can be downgraded, otherwise, upgrading to larger packages is always available.

All dedicated servers are freely provided with basic management that includes technical support related to hardware and network only. CommonTechs is not obligated to provide any other technical support such as fixing operating system issues or adjusting settings to operate in a certain way.

In case the client is unable to manage the server himself, CommonTechs provides advanced management service including all professional and technical aspects of the server. The advanced management plan does not provide administrator (root) control on the server for the client as it is fully controlled with CommonTechs to guarantee the stability of the server and work on it as per the client’s needs, Knowing that the advanced management levels are based on number of hosted websites on the server.

Keeping a backup copy of the database is the primary responsibility of the customer and saving an internal copy on the server itself is not enough, in the event of server vulnerability or hardware issue, CommonTechs is not be responsible of such a case. Note that subscription to CommonTechsBS is not included with this term.

Technical support for hosting and servers:

If you want to contact technical support, open a support ticket with the (hosting support department) by logging in to your client area.

Working Hours of hosting support department: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all days of the year


CommonTechs registers any domain that the customers are asking for,

adding to offering a Control panel of this domain to let the customer deal with his product via Client area.

In case the customer wants to transfer his domain from CommonTechs to any other company, we help him and facilitate the transferring process by sending EPP code to the customer through his registered email as the domain owner. The customer can follow domain transfer process through the link sent to his email.

Domain protection :

CommonTechs provides a paid service to protect the domain from any attempts of stealing:

  1. The domain can only be transferred if the customer opens a ticket through his client area.
  2. The domain is unlocked only by CommonTechs, even though the customer cannot do so.
  3. In case customer requests to unlock his domain, he should mention the security answer.
  4. This service is available for all domains that are reserved or transferred to us whether it is hosted on CommonTechs servers or any other Hosting company.

Verify the customer’s identity who subscribe in the protection service :

The identity of our customer is verified by the security answer of the account since this answer can be changed only by the customer himself. Even if another person get access to the domain control panel or client area by stealing customer email that’s register with the domain or logged in to the client area and let it available on the device without logging out.

Domain owner is committed to update his data frequently, so his page is usually updated with the right information.

CommonTechs is not responsible in case customer lost his ownership for the domain because he doesn’t pay the renewal fees. As we send reminder of the renewal a month before, in addition to the 4 consecutive reminders sent from CommonTechs side earlier before the renewal date with (7 Days -5 Days -3 Days -1 Day ) as the invoice has to be paid before the date of his ownership.

CommonTechs is not responsible for any domain that it is not registered by us; however, it is the customer’s responsibility to follow up the renewal date through the registration company. Or he can ask for domain transfer to CommonTechs so we can remind our customer with the renewal date.

On registering any domain by CommonTechs, the ownership of this domain is for the customer himself, he has the full right to manage and update his data or even transfer it to another company and CommonTechs is committed to do so.

Fees for booking or renewing domains is non-refundable.

Financial, billing and invoices:

Payment method:

Payment should be tackled before activating any services.

Fees are not refundable.

Payment should be complete before any hosting services.

CommonTechs accepts card payments (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) via stripe service

Additional features and Add-Ons for different services

You can add any of them at any time.

The fees are non-refundable, regardless whether the service is used or not.

stripe: Real-time fees are charged according to the current period and the next period till the end of their billing cycle.

Services will be activated after the fees are paid and approved by the billing department.

Renewal and invoices scheduling:

Customer have 7 days prior to the invoice due date for renewal. On transferring the amount to CommonTechs, customer has to provide us with the deposit details in the tickets directed to our fin billing department for renewing services.

When Customer deposits any amount to pay an invoice, he has to confirm the deposit and notify us within 48 hours maximum.

A reminder is sent to the customer via mail within 7 days, which is Customer payment period. If payment is not tackled on time, the account will be automatically deleted and we will not be responsible for the loss of customer’s data or the service suspension.

The full amount must be transferred before any services are offered.

If customer knows that he will be away from the internet connection or on a vacation and he will not be available to communicate us or pay for his invoices, he should notify us before the due invoice is issued, pay the invoices before they are issued, or even add an amount to the balance that covers the cost of any due invoices.

If the renewal amount is not paid on time, the service will be suspended.

Transferring fees are added to the paid amount which are 8$, for example (if your invoice total amount is 100$, so you have to transfer 108$ as 8$ will be deducted by the bank and 100$ remaining will be paid for the issued invoice) Noted that the local banks might ask for another fees .

CommonTechs has the right to change the prices at any time and the terms of this agreement may be changed as well, you should be aware of that.

All cash transactions are Australia NAB Bank. Which is the official currency approved by (CommonTechs).

The customer is committed to pay the service charge at the same time as he asks for the service.

In the case of renewal, the customer shall follow up the renewal of his subscription and payment on the same date when the invoice is issued. The followed procedures in case of non-payment:

A message from CommonTechs reminding the payment. The billing system is automatically sending the invoice at least seven days before the due date.

In case of non-payment on the last day of the hosting period, the customer’s account will be automatically deleted from the server to provide a space for another customer. We will not be responsible for the files or contents of the terminated account in any way.

CommonTechs may retain a copy of the customer’s website for a period not exceeding two weeks maximum and as a paid service if the customer asks for it.

Reactivate account:

In case customer’s hosting account has been canceled based on his request or due to nonpayment of due invoices, and he wants to reactive his account again, The customer’s account is activated after he pays the renewal fees only, otherwise, if he wants to transfer his website to another hosting company, he will get the available backup copy as a paid service.

In case the customer’s account is deleted for a period that exceeds the period of saving backup copy, he will reserve the service as a new customer.

If an account is cancelled due to infringement of privacy policy, as CommonTechs will not reactive this account again and we are not responsible of any of this account data.


In case customer has one of our unlimited shared hosting plans, he has the right to cancel and get full refund payment without any clarifications. While the customer should not violate any of our terms or conditions. The refund is applicable within the first 30 days of activating the service.

Control Panel license fees are non-refundable.

Domain reservation or renewal fees are non-refundable.

Service Cancellation

CommonTechs has the right to cancel the customer’s offered service at any time for privacy violation, without any compensation.

The customers have the right to cancel their on services at any time as per our terms and conditions. These requests are sent to the customer service department through tickets system.

If the customer has a cancelation request, his account is immediately canceled as long as there no precautions that are tackled by CommonTechs. So that, we have the right to cancel the service without notice.

If the account is canceled due to unpaid invoices of servers or shared hosting plans, so CommonTechs is meant to delete the website contents without notice, and the server or hosting space is reused for another customer.


The customer is not entitled to ask for any compensation due to CommonTechs services and products usage induced- damage, adding to any personal harm, or properties damage. Besides, the customer is committed to afford any financial or legal stuff caused by copy rights violation.Stri